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About Mito
Mito Digital Limited is the marketing division of Mito Group of Companies. Mito designs, manufactures and markets a range of digital products and computer peripherals. Mito has been designing and producing digital cameras and web cameras since 2000. Mito also has over 14 years of experience in producing modems and other PC add-on cards.

Our Vision
We aim to offer innovative and quality digital products that enable people to play, work and communicate effectively in the Digital Age. Our goal is to bring high-value and new user experience that Enriching the Digital Life of the users of our products.

Our Products
We are offering our Mito brand of digital cameras, ranging from full-featured 7 megapixel CCD cameras to value models of mini cameras. We also market a range of Volcano brand of computer peripherals and PC add-on cards, including ADSL modems, USB pocket drives and 3D graphics accelerators


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